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Rum and Raisin Fudge

Fudge is one of those sweets that reminds me of my childhood, and yet it isn’t exactly a nutritious treat for the health conscious amongst us. That is unless you cut the processed sugars and add in plenty of good natural fats. And what better way to round it all off than with the addition of rum-soaked raisins for delightful and healthy treat.


  • 250g Medjool dates
  • 175g cashew nut butter
  • 20g coconut oil
  • 100g flame raisins
  • 70ml dark rum 

Cooking Times

  • Prep Time : 24 hours
  • Cooking Time :


Start by soaking the raisins in the rum, preferably over night so that they absorb plenty of liquid and become juicy and plump.

De-stone the dates and soak them in boiling water for ten minutes to soften before draining and adding to a food processor.

Add in the cashew nut butter, coconut oil and excess rim that wasn't absorbed by the raisins and blitz. You are looking for a creamy smooth texture so will need to leave on for a few minutes.

Cut the raisins in half with a sharpe knife and fold into the fudge mixture at the end.

Transfer into a cake tin lined with greaseproof paper and spread out before putting it in the freezer for a few hours. Due to the nature of the mix it will need to be stored in the freezer and is best served directly from the freezer.

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